So exciting times at camp Duchess. I’m DJing on the REDBULL STAGE tomorrow at THE PARKLIFE FESTIVAL

Here’s my video list of who to catch tomorrow:

Beatenberg – surf pop/ indie and a voice like an angel

ShotGun Tori – cough with a video by me πŸ™‚

Matthew Mole – every South African teen girls fantasy … Good thing I’m well old so I just care about how great his music is – it’s really good worth all the hype!

Shortstraw –Β every early twenty somethings fantasy band – again I’m too old OH WELL πŸ™‚

Desmond & The Tutus – nicest band ever and flipping great

First time on my blog here’s JEREMY LOOPS – he’s the bees knees!


Someone blogged about me :)

So if you read this article all the way to the bottom you’ll see Duchess (my DJing alter ego) described as a ‘sweetheart’. Does happiness look like a metallic kiss? Today it does!

So nice to be the blogged about (COUGH! I consider this to be my most famous moment) and not blogging. I’m going to put my feet up and soak in the fame πŸ™‚

Come to the event by the way…I’m notorious for being way too friendly and talking about music until people pretend someone is calling them but on a plus side I tend to hand out my mix cds after the show


I’m DJing this amazing party on Saturday! It’s extra special because the line up is insanely amazing!

On Saturday the 12th, Cool Your Jets unveil their latest creation, “METALLIC KISS”, the new music video from Joburg dance-darlings THE FROWN! To celebrate, we’ve hand-picked a super-team of live acts and DJs from the bleeding heart of the Joburg underground!

Live love from:


My favourite cover by Eve Rakow – the voice behind The Frown

Christian Henn of Fulka fame’s solo project

Here’s a Fulka song to appreciate…

Craig Durrant drummer of Desmond and The Tutus’ solo project

Here’s the new Desmond track to appreciate…

Plus DJ romance with:



AKA SlightlySingle blogger …me πŸ™‚


First acts start at 9PM.

Metallic Kiss debuts at midnight.

Cover: R40

Oh I almost forgot you can see me shaking my ass in the music video being launched, I don’t think I have a head but I’m willing to point myself out to anyone nearby while it plays πŸ™‚


So having debated attending Jozifest on both Friday and Saturday I came to the conclusion there’s no point! Most of the artists playing Friday are regulars on the Johannesburg scene but it’s all a question of finances and alas Friday’s just not in the budget.

Here’s the SATURDAY LINEUP – 4TH OF FEBRUARY. Hope to see you there! ❀


11:00 – Only Forever
12:00 – Josie Field
13:00 – Popskarr ***
14:00 – Wrestlerish ***

15:00 – The Frown ***

16:00 – Taxi Violence
17:00 – Zebra & Giraffe
18:00 – Tasha Baxter ***
19:00 – Aking
20:00 – 340ml ***
21:00 – Tidal Waves
22:00 – Foto Na Dans
23:00 – Lark ***
00:00 – Die Antwoord ***

01:00 – Fokofpoliesikar ***
02:00 – DJ Sideshow


12:00 – Natural Selekta
13:00 – Point 4
14:00 – LVS
15:00 – Ish
16:00 – MPI Project
17:00 – Cut Key Low
18:00 – Ambush
19:00 – Liver
20:00 – Greg Reve
21:00 – Kennedy ***
22:00 – Blush n Bass
23:00 – Twelv & Thesis
00:00 – Jenna G (UK)
01:00 – Funtcase & Krafty MC (UK)
02:00 – Haezer ***
03:00 – I Am Noize


19:00 – TBC
20:00 – DJ Soosh
21:00 – The Cutt
22:00 – Lapse
23:00 – Deeziak
00:00 – Hypomaniacs
01:00 – Blunted Stuntman


El Phonix
DJ Burn
Black Lotus

The Frown – 23rd December 2011

I’m accompanying The Frown on the 23rd of December at Cool Runnings, Fourways. If you missed the last time I got on a laptop behind Eve Rakow this show is your chance to watch magic happen β™₯

Here is the newest track The Frown is featured on and the genius of SPOEK MATHAMBO really comes through, he’s one talented guy!

And again my favourite South African music video ever πŸ™‚

With all the hype surrounding Eve Rakow at the moment I’m taking my computer on holiday so I can finish up her documentary.

With interviews of her former band mates and back stage moments I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.

The Frown – The National

Ok so this video is amazing not just because I adore Eve Rakow and the music she makes, but to be honest it’s the best South African music video I’ve ever seen.

Tristan Holmes directs and he’s definitely going places (if a student Oscar wasn’t proof enough).

If I had my way South Africa would be sending Eve to SXSW instead of The Parlotones.

There’s talk of a European tour next year and I’m hoping this is true because it would be a shame for people not to see The Frown live.

The Frown Documentary…

So I’ve been throwing all my energy into getting a locked down narrative concept for The Frown doccie and Eve and I have come up with the most amazing angle.

So exciting! Even better we have a principle cine now- Adam Bentel, who’ll be making it beautiful. After going through the footage shot so far for the doccie I decided we needed to call in the big guns and bring a professional on board.

It’s all happening and on Saturday I’ll be driving a car full of lovely people to Alberton to film the birth place of Miss Eve. You can look forward to seeing behind the curtain of Alberton, which is surprisingly like Sandton City on a Saturday.

Call time is 5am which is soul destroying but morning light is a gift.

Andrew Spitz is being a hero and supplying sound gear in exchange for one breakfast at Arts on Main πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to start editing!