The Cave Singers – Beach House


I was listening to this song in repeat in the car to work. I know it’s old and probably not blog appropriate but the lyrics were floating in my head when I sat down to work so thought I’d share the love.

These are the only lyrics I could find online and I actually have to pretend to work so I’m not able to type them out myself…

“Wake in the morning, we been talking about reflection and sitting on a tree. Heard what you said though, moving southward to apartment no body can leave. Sun has woken, up above there from the beach light staring at me. A mirror, a mountain, standing beer cans, honey go there and there they be. Hear them talkin’ about me well, I ain’t no daughter of these halls, I’m just myself and no one else. Hear them talkin’ about me well, and I date the youngest of three but no one cares. Let curses be cured down here…”