Had a super drunken weekend which wrecked me so hard I went off to the Doctor yesterday. Terrible news I’ve become allergic to something in beer (waiting on test results = lame)and that’s why I’ve been peaking too early lately and acting like Amy Winehouse after 2 beers.

Sad news ;( RIP beer loving Anna.

I can obviously start drinking spirits but I think I’m just going to stop drinking for awhile.

YAY for sobriety ❤

Two Hands Anna

So I leave tonight for an epic return to my homeland.

I’m returning a girl who can be judged on her sobriety using a two hands system.

No Hands = sober and still look ok

One Hand = on her way

Two Hands = life of the party but needs to be taken home in one more beer

If any feet gets involved in the two hands rating system its over, best to grab your coat and call a taxi.