Hiya! I’m newly single and this oldie but goodie is my anthem at the moment.

If you’d like to date a girl who is likely to turn up the volume on her headphones when you talk about her spending too much money but will watch It’s Always Sunny episodes back to back for days on end.

I eat the contents of my shopping basket while I walk around the super market, I walk into doors, fall down while sitting down and tend to fall over my own feet so basically you’d be adding an element of danger to your life.

I watch too many documentaries and read news blogs obsessively. I only retain 70% of anything I read though, so my stories start out great and I’ll be looking for Mr Perfect to interrupt towards the end of most of what I say and help me sound less like I have ADHD…which I do have.

Applications are currently being accepted.

A-Trak (Feat. Oliver) – Disco Nap

HEAVY heavy HEAVY disco…maybe even Disco electro. I probably wouldn’t play this in my car on my way home from work but I’d definately pump this while I was DJing to a drunken crowd. A- Trak are super talented and Oliver…well Oliver always gets it right 🙂 FAN GIRL!

CYMBALS – Like An Animal

Adore this song. Here’s the press release found on their Soundcloud. I have a headache but thought you might enjoy reading about them.

Having released their second record Sideways, Sometimes in April of this year, CYMBALS return with new track “Like An Animal”. Released as part of a four track 12” which features the title song, an instrumental version, and two remixes from Fort Romeau and Maria Minerva respectively, it’s the first evidence of the band’s pairing with producer Dreamtrak.

Bold, brash and perhaps somewhat unexpected, “Like An Animal” is a 9-minute statement of intent that brings to life the band’s often stated affinity with house music, while retaining the deft melodicism for which they’ve been recognised. More at home on the dancefloor than any of their previous releases, “Like An Animal” still remains refreshingly off kilter, the jacking beat embellished by a subtle violin part that few of their peers would think to include.

As the music would suggest, CYMBALS have undergone an interesting series of changes since first emerging with their debut album in May 2011. Now a four piece (bassist Luke replaced founding member Sean earlier this year) with a rhythm section both rock solid and inventive, their previous nods to New Order and Yo La Tengo have now forged into a sound that is distinctively their own. They’ve developed as bands once did but rarely do now, and “Like An Animal” provides an intriguing hint as to where their next album will take them.