Shoreditch Rut

I’m stuck in a Shoreditch rut.

4 years in London and I go out to the same places every week.

Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes – good ol’ faithful

Catch 22 – I hate it there but people in ruts do alot of things they hate …even go to Catch

Old Blue Last – not a weekly stop on my rut list but definately a regular

StrongRooms – this is my date spot. Its a good place to take guys as its hidden on Curtain Road. 

Commercial Tavern – last time I was there I felt like the youngest person in the room. There has got to be something wrong when I feel like that

Even my Shoreditch dining is in a rut

Tay Do – BYOB keeps me coming back for more of their small portions

The Diner – amazing milkshakes, slow moving too cool for school waitresses 

I’m sick of Shoreditch! Cue tantrum

I live in the most exciting area in East London, Dalston. I just need friends who want to hang out there.



Dalston I love you!

Dalston I love you!