SASKATCHEWAN – The Morning (The Weeknd Cover)

I’ve always liked this song but I’m feeling the amazingness of this cover in my heart ❤


Verse 1)
From the morning to the evening
Complaints from the tenants
Got the walls kickin like they six months pregnant
Drinking Alaze with our cereal for breakfast
Girls calling cabs at dawn quarter to 7:00
Skies getting cold
flying from the north
rockin with our city like a sold out show
House full of hoes that specialize into hoein
Make that money rain as they takin off they clothes
Order plane tickets
Cali is the mission
Visit every month like I'm split life living
Let the world listen if a haters caught slipping then my ni**as stay tight
Got my back like pippin
Fast life grippin
Yeah we still tippin
Codeine cups paint a picture so vivid
Fakes try to mimic
Get girls timid
But behind closed doors they get pulled so rigid

All that money the money is the motive
All that money the money is the motive
All that money the money she be foldin
Girl put in work girl girl put in work
Girl put in work girl girl put in work
Girl put in work
(Verse 2)
Push it to the limit
[ From: ]
Push it through the pain
I push it for the pleasure like the virgin to the game
A virgin to that money
A virgin to the fame
So this my only chance and when I'm over only pray that I flow from the bottom
Closer to the top
The higher that I climb
The harder I'ma drop
These pussy ass ni**as tryna hold on to their credit so I tell them use a debit watch they image start to lessen
I warned 'em like discretion
Why these ni**as testing
Always fu**ing testing
Why these ni**as testing
Sh*t that I got them on straight bar hopping to the music of the ambiance
Get sh*t popping
Zombies of the night
Ni**as aint talking if they hyping to the crew get it in like pockets
Downtown loving
When the moon coming
Only place to find base heads, and hot women


Better slow down
She'll feel it in the morning
Aint the kind of girl you'll be seeing in the morning
Too damn raw aint no ni**a worth her holding
Aint no ni**a that she holding man her love is too damn foreign

(Chorus x2)