Shameless Self Promotion…

So South Africa doesn’t really have many music festivals so my excitement for the upcoming musical spectacle that is Oppikoppi knows no bounds.

Alas I spent my money on music and sweaters with cat faces on so I’m broke. I’ve entered this competition to win tickets and a nice camping experience…

I made this video and all you have to do is like my comment on this page…

I’m Anna-Lisa btw 🙂 I can camp in style and watch Eagles of Death Metal, Diplo, some band named Enter Shakira I haven’t had time to hear and loads of amazing South African bands.

ROSTAM – Campus

Rumours are filling the blogs regarding the line up for Oppikoppi – South Africa’s biggest music festival.

Word on the street and don’t quote me 🙂 is Vampire Weekend are coming.


Here’s a pretty cover of one of my fav VW song Campus :

and of course the original: