Four Night Rider – The Rural Alberta Advantage

Thanks Marelise for this musical treat.

Fractured my ribs coughing two nights ago which was super lame had to go to hospital to get xrays and now I’m on some VERY strong pain pills… not been the best 7 days of my life but on a plus note last night I hung out with an old friend and reminisced. I’m naming today self esteem boosted Thursday πŸ™‚

Lone rider!

So I’m single again which is actually quite good for you readers as I have a terrible habit of channeling all my love into one thing hence my recent absence from the blogosphere πŸ™‚ SORRY!

I’m not nearly as depro as the last time the same boy dumped me πŸ™‚ HEEHEE It’s actually kinda funny if I hadn’t been so embarrassingly unwilling to let go (LAME!). Oh well what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I think the rest of the year will be grand!

I’m planning a move in the New Year, I’m thinking Australia or Canada so saving starts now! I’ve even got my assistant working on visa enquires…love being in charge πŸ™‚

Here’s a pretty song just for me because I need some love but you can listen to it to


The demon likes the moon
like a stroll against the wall
I’ve watched all Afternoon i’m not watching at all
i’m thinking that we need every moment on the way
i climb my hedge and throw i want to stay
but i must stay

there’s a demon on the loose
he can hide under our floor
comes inside to wait last night
knocking on my bedroom door
i went walking in last night
causing through my body pain
and when i peaked i know they say
I will leave you when i’m clean.