Lovepark – 21 12

Adore this reminds me of Grizzly Bear and say what? Unsigned! 


Like their facebook page because for relz they’re flipping amazing.

Heart strings tugged after just 45 seconds…on repeat now



So I’m off to London tomorrow. Insert excited scream!

I was going to look at moving back there but alas my life in SA is going uber well. Got a great job editing apartheid documentaries (depressing but great), got great hobbies (cutting music doccies for two of my favourite bands and taking guitar lessons), I can blog from anywhere so that’s a give in, amazing friends and a love interest who buys me thoughtful gifts like strawberry liquorice for no reason (he’s making me fat but he’s lovely).

I miss my London friends so much but that’s what holidays are for 🙂

My London game plan is spend very little money while watching as many bands as possible.

My lovely friends have planned my welcome back party at Queen of Hoxton Friday then it’s the hipster overrun Field Day on Saturday followed by The Apple Cart Festival for a folk fix on Sunday (Matthew & the Atlas are playing – my best). Other than that I’ll be eating Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu curry (Mmmmm), eating at The Best Turkish Kebab in Stoke Newington (my old local- YUM) and taking as many photos as possible with my coloursplash, I might even buy a cool fisheye camera for hell of it.

If you can think of any things to do that I might have missed in my 4.5 year life in London let me know! I think I mostly got drunk and watched bands so it’s not hard to suggest cool things 🙂

I’m very sad Communion parties don’t seem to happen very often anymore 😦 Where will I get my folk on? Any ideas welcome!

Anyway here’s the song I will be packing to: