I Miss Jay Jay Pistolet

So I totally miss the folked up gloriousness of

Jay Jay Pistolet . He’s in a band called The Vaccines ,

who are cool but I miss listening to

Jay Jay Pistolet singing his little folk heart out. I’m happy that The Vaccines are doing so well and touring the States but one day soon I hope he records a new song that makes me feel the way Cartwright Gardens does.

Couldn’t find that online but here’s another amazing song.

Present for all folk lovers

Heres a file for download of the cd I just made for my car. It’s old songs I like that I’d forgotten about but perhaps theres a few you’ve never heard of….


Marcus Foster

The Middle East

Patrick Watson


A.C Newman

Wild Beasts

Johnny Flynn

Local Natives

Broadcast 2000

Dead man’s Bones

The Tallest Man on Earth



Chris Bathgate

Jay Jay Pistolet

Rock Paper Razor

Peter Broderick

Matthew and The Atlas


Have a very happy Wednesday and I hope you burn this onto a cd for your car so we can be listening to the same songs at the same time. That would rock đŸ™‚