Duchess at Bob Rocks TONIGHT

So I’ve been laying low on the DJ front, gathering new music to blow you away.

Catch me tonight at Bob Rocks for indie, electro, dream pop and disco fun!

Calling all South African friends. Meet me at Bob Rocks in Greenside from 9pm πŸ™‚

Here’s some dream pop from Russ Manning, the former Twin Shadow bassist, to make you feel like my set has already started πŸ™‚


So my DJing alter ego has a busy week planned.

Tuesday: I’ve got to reply to my very first interview! For a lovely blog but i won’t spoil the surprise πŸ™‚

Wednesday: I’m DJing Asseblief’s Pop Up Vintage Sale


Thursday: I’m rocking out at Bob Rocks – my local

Friday: I’ll be trying to catch Kongos (a USA/UK/SA band) in between playing you songs to make you dance.


And Saturday I have my first DUCHESS requested photoshoot (in a studio and all) before I DJ my very first corporate Xmas party.

My heart is spilling over with a mixture of happiness, excitement and too much strawberry liquorice.

I’m feeling pretty lame because I’m so super happy πŸ™‚

I am as always a contradiction wrapped in excellent music taste πŸ˜›

The Drums – Money

Love this! sounds so Morrissey. I’ll be spending the last days of winter in South Africa dancing to this song.

Here are the only lyrics I could find… not particularly deep but that’s okay, noone wants deeply meaningful lyrics while you’re having fun.

Before I die I’d like to do something nice
Take me out yeah take me for a ride
You hit me yesterday cos I made you cry
So before I die let me do something nice

I want to buy you something but I don’t have any money
I don’t have any money

And if I find a car I would give you my car
If I had a gun I would give you my gun
…? ? ? the city
Well there’s something to be done x4

I want to buy you something but I don’t have any money
I don’t have any money”