Foals – Inhaler

A new song from Foals!

Happiness on a Tuesday


Foster The People – Houdini

Here’s a new video from Foster The People just for you ❤


Sacerdote – FALASTE O QUE

I never really get to post music from anywhere else in Africa except South africa mostly because I don’t stumble upon it but also because it’s not my bag.

Here’s a tune from Angola with a great beat and a seriously cool video.

xxx Enjoy xxx


Last Dinosaurs – Time & Place

I really like this! Apparently I’m in the best mood because I’m dancing around. Oh wait it’s Friday 🙂 YAY!


Get Shakes – Sister self doubt

I swear sometimes I hear cow bell and get happy, super lame but true 🙂

Old but amazing ❤


Cherub – Doses and Mimosas

Not at all something I usually like although it does has enough synth to keep me happy

It’s the hating lyrics I’m feeling, lots of whining about haters which makes me happy since I keep getting people telling me about a group of haters that have made me their target. People in horrible bands that are bullies. MEH!

I suppose it’s the highest form of compliment when someone rags on you, but I’m a sensitive flower so I’ll just ignore them and seethe on my blog 🙂

‘To the all the bitch ass hoes that hate me the most, oh yeah I hate you too’


Shearwater – You As You Were

I like this even though it gets a bit flash dance anthem about 1m25sec in, it comes back thank goodness otherwise it would be a waste of loveliness!


The Glass – Washed Up (Black Russian Remix)

I want to play this next time I DJ. It’s sexy and danceable to the max.

‘Washed up, washed up baby. washed up honey’


Seventeen Evergreen – Polarity Song

By far the most odd but amazing video 🙂