Joshua Grierson – Trouble

In between being super nice Joshua Grierson makes music like this.
Folk and heart felt! 


PS He’s South African, yup South African music is damn amazing at the moment.

Like his page here:

MisterWives – Coffins

And now for something completely different

Folk pop and ever so pretty

Coffins Lyrics:

I gave my hand for you to hold,
I gave my love that you went and sold.
Exchanged our song for another,
Can’t blame this dead flame that once glowed like no other.

How do you soften the thought of carrying coffins?
We were so alive, only to see us wither and die.

You said you’d stand even if this would all fall.
Your yearning, yielded, when you hit the wall.
I shook your ears tried to make you hear my call,
But your were long gone no hope in a sunless dawn.

How do you soften the thought of carrying coffins?
We were so alive, only to see us wither and die
Why must soil run dry?

And I never ever thought I’d hear these words be said,
now i lay here in an unmade bed.
Empty stomachs unable to be fed,
Your ego swallowed you and from there you fled.
So far away could not find your way back,
Walked down, the path where feet slipped through the cracks..
Where feet slipped through the cracks,
Could not find your way back,
Where feet slipped through the cracks,
Could not find your way back.

How do you soften the thought of carrying coffins?
We were so alive, only to see us wither and die.
Why must soil run dry?

FOLK WEDNESDAY with Annie Dressner

Annie Dressner

Annie Dressner

It’s Folk music Wednesday at Slightsingle HQ and I’ve got a musical treat just for you. Meet Annie Dressner, a quirky singer/ songwriter who you probably haven’t heard of yet but I predict you’ll adore.

Since moving from her hometown of New York City to the UK, singer-songwriter Annie Dressner’s Confident, Inviting Debut, “Strangers Who Knew Each Other’s Names” has been happily received. Playing at festivals & venues such as the Cambridge Folk Festival, Secret Garden Party & Cluny2, Annie is quickly making herself and her music known.

Dressner’s poignant songs are delivered with such conversational ease, it often seems as if she is reading from an intimate letter or a book, set to music. Her straightforward lyrical style, sharp ear for wordplay and crisp, lilting vocals offer listeners a front-row seat to her stories, as they take shape above the understated music.

Dressner is making a strong connection with listeners. Her collection of 11 original songs at times evokes Bright Eyes, an up-tempo Mazzy Star ‘Fade Into You,’ or Jenny Lewis.

Bless Annie’s heart she’s agreed to a question and answer session which will hopefully familiarise you with her passion and talent.


SS: London seems to be a growing hub for folk music at the moment. Is that what motivated you to make the move from New York City where you were raised?

AD: That was not the reason – but now that I am here, it isn’t a bad thing.

SS: What have you found hardest about the transition?

AD: I miss my friends & family.

SS: Are there any musicians you admire that you’ve had a chance to share the stage with?

AD: Lucy Wainwright Roche was as wonderful person to support. Not only is she super talented – she is also extremely nice.

SS: When did you first start singing? And when did you realise you wanted to pursue it as a career?

AD: I cannot remember not singing. I have always wanted to perform. I started to do the singer/songwriter thing for about four years now.

SS: Who would you most like to open for?

AD: Simon & Garfunkel.

SS: Your lyrics are quite personal do you find performing difficult when you put yourself out there?

AD: Generally, no. Sometimes, yes.

SS: If you had to compare yourself to an artist who would it be?

AD: Picasso.

SS: Your upcoming touring schedule is very busy, is music a full time gig for you?

AD: At the moment, yes. Hopefully it can stay that way.

SS: What has been your favourite part of touring?

AD: Meeting fun people and seeing fun places… oh, and playing music!

SS: What else can we expect from you in the future?

AD: I am going to be coming out with an EP in the Spring of 2013. I am super excited about it!

Sera Cahoone – Deer Creek Canyon


Ever so lovely, it’s raining and this is my ideal song for this weather. Hearts to Sera!

Here’s her wiki info:

Sera Cahoone (born August 4, 1975) is a singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Cahoone’s music combines elements of both classic country-western and modern indie rock and lo-fi.

Cahoone is the daughter of a Rocky Mountain dynamite salesman and grew up in Littleton, Colorado. She got her musical start on the drums at twelve years old. Her first stage performance came in a suburban Denver bar, where, at the age of 12, she played drums behind a bunch of bluesmen on open mic night. Cahoone attended Columbine High School.

At twenty-one Cahoone moved to Seattle and drummed for many artists including Carissa’s Wierd, Los Angeles musician Patrick Park, and on Band of Horses’ debut, Everything All the Time.

In 2006, Cahoone focused on singing, songwriting, and guitar playing, skills she’d been honing for nearly 15 years on her own. Her first album was Sera Cahoone (2006). The album was praised by indie-rock radio station KEXP along with NPR. Seattle indie newspaper The Stranger called Sera’s debut “…a breathtaking collection of sad and dusky songs that reveal an artist of remarkable depth as well as a truly stunning voice.”

Fun Adults – Sap Solid

Beautiful! Sounds like Fleet Foxes had a musical baby with Radiohead, or maybe that’s just the way the song made me feel 🙂

Like their facebook page because I think they’re doing something amazing and they don’t have very many fans yet ❤

Kisses for the Leeds based musicians

Poor Moon – Birds

Yup this sounds alot like Fleet Foxes but that’s because Poor Moon is made up of Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott alongside brothers Ian and Peter Murray. Between them, they have been part of Fleet Foxes, Pedro the Lion and Crystal Skulls.

Birds is a soothing, folk-based song that seems destined to play in my room on late nights when I’m sad. BEAUTIFUL FOLK GOODNESS!