Flip hey, I’m certainly not perfect but try not to lie or make anyone feel shit and Saturday I tried to bruise a boys ego because he’d bruised mine.. YOH! Karma fucked me so bad! I spent the weekend in a flu haze and today I broke my foot jumping into my super skinny jeans (lamest fashion injury ever – lols from the xray department :/ )

I apologised to the guy today like I was confessing my sins to a priest and he was like ‘no biggie’ proving I think too much, rated myself way important and have probably induced all this from bizarre guilt 🙂 

Either way I’m going bake some cupcakes for charity and fingers crossed order is restored and I won’t lose a finger cutting bread.

I think being religious would be less hard work than trying to be nice 🙂

Anyway I played this Saturday night to a great crowd and I can’t stop singing it so here you go ❤