Mirror People – ‘Obscure Disco’ Edit 7

Mirror People – ‘Obscure Disco’ Edit 7


This is so damn sexy! Plus download it quick as there are only 100 downloads available on their soundcloud.


Hercules and Love Affair ft. John Grant — I Try To Talk To You

Warning! After hearing this song you will feel compelled to hit repeat and you should!

If you liked ‘Blind’ (a favourite in my DJ set even now) this will blow your mind.

I’m playing catch up on 5 months of music so please excuse me if any posts result in you flipping your hair and saying ‘thats so 2013’

Good music is timeless except when the radio plays it too much

Le Knight Club ¨Rhumba¨ (Modulaire Rework)

I think I’ve always had a mental block against House music, maybe I was just scarred by bad DJ’s when I was growing up but the idea of house just puts me off, that said Nu Disco seems to be leaning more and more to a housey (I’m making that word up so don’t use it in scrabble) undertone and I’ve got to be honest I’m not hating it. Opinions?