So you’d be an idiot not to download the most amazing music to come out of South Africa ever…no wait this EP is world class! I almost forgot to say it’s free!

Christian Henn, the man behind the Vampire creates a musical treat for the ears. My favourite so far is Colours but thats just after playing it loads in my car, I expect I’ll end up falling in love with JazzSpazz and then Polaroids. Then he’ll have to release something new so I won’t be sad.

Music video is on it’s way. I can’t wait to see what wonderfulness he decides visually expresses his music.

DJ’ing Saturday at Bob Rocks

Hi y’all

So I’m dj’ing Saturday night with Christian Henn of Vampire 9000/Fulka fame.


It should be epic and amazing. I have absolutely no idea how to dj with someone and then what genre of music we’ll be rocking out to but yay for getting to hang out with my friends and play pretty music.


Hearts on fire!!!