CHERUB – Freaky Me, Freaky You

Okay I’ll be honest when the bass kicked in, I had to close my eyes so ‘Freaky Me, Freaky You‘ could have my whole attention.

Yup I’m that geeky 🙂

BTW… Do you remember CHERUB from 2012 ? …

2 years later and DAMN I’m loving their new style


CHERUB – Doses and Mimosas

Cherub call Nashville, Tennessee their hometown. The band is made up of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber and I adore this song! What’s funny is the song sounded familiar and I was like WTF only to realise it’s a year old. The confusion came in because I found the track on the Guardians ‘new band’ page. Flip I don’t care it’s banging and I can’t wait to play it next time I DJ 🙂

Cherub – Doses and Mimosas

Not at all something I usually like although it does has enough synth to keep me happy

It’s the hating lyrics I’m feeling, lots of whining about haters which makes me happy since I keep getting people telling me about a group of haters that have made me their target. People in horrible bands that are bullies. MEH!

I suppose it’s the highest form of compliment when someone rags on you, but I’m a sensitive flower so I’ll just ignore them and seethe on my blog 🙂

‘To the all the bitch ass hoes that hate me the most, oh yeah I hate you too’