Beach House – Wild

Beach House – Wild Lyrics

My mother said to me that I would get in trouble
Our father won’t come home, cause he is seeing double

Our windy, endless spring
Your eyes are so misleading
That’s when your car pulls up
It’s hood is black and gleaming

A little wine
You stole a smile
The earth is wild
You’ve got no time

Wild in our ways
What will you make it
Heartless to say
Go on pretending

One chance to fall behind the lines that would not let you
Can I believe in how the past is what will catch you

The Cave Singers – Beach House


I was listening to this song in repeat in the car to work. I know it’s old and probably not blog appropriate but the lyrics were floating in my head when I sat down to work so thought I’d share the love.

These are the only lyrics I could find online and I actually have to pretend to work so I’m not able to type them out myself…

“Wake in the morning, we been talking about reflection and sitting on a tree. Heard what you said though, moving southward to apartment no body can leave. Sun has woken, up above there from the beach light staring at me. A mirror, a mountain, standing beer cans, honey go there and there they be. Hear them talkin’ about me well, I ain’t no daughter of these halls, I’m just myself and no one else. Hear them talkin’ about me well, and I date the youngest of three but no one cares. Let curses be cured down here…”