Tom Vek – Broke (Kwes Rework)

Tom Vek remixed by Kwes and I love it


Here’s the original

I Saved Latin – A Tribute to Wes Anderson

I know this is an unpopular statement but I’m not an album girl…I know…I wish I could lie and be cool but my chronic ADHD makes it hard not to jump around musically and today I forgot to take my Concerta so been bouncing around the office. Anyway, FOCUS, I like compilations! 

I like this one, LIKE ALOT! I may even buy it, it’s that great!

Ramblin’ Jay Bones – Baby Shoes (w/ Angela de Klerk)

Acoustic perfection from one of the best South African artists, RAMBLING BONES!

So this is a recording of lead singer JAY BONES and Angela de Klerk. Both their voices are heart wrenchingly beautiful.


I try go see Rambling Bones everytime they play because lets be honest I’d be an idiot not to 🙂