Polish Ambassador – Lost & Found ft Mr Lif & Ayla Nereo

This is the best song I’ve heard in… months.


I literally feel like today is special because I heard this song. You can also download it for free! Totally unexpected I was about to scroll down my soundcloud feed, dropped my jaw and never has a download button been clicked faster




I Saved Latin – A Tribute to Wes Anderson

I know this is an unpopular statement but I’m not an album girl…I know…I wish I could lie and be cool but my chronic ADHD makes it hard not to jump around musically and today I forgot to take my Concerta so been bouncing around the office. Anyway, FOCUS, I like compilations! 

I like this one, LIKE ALOT! I may even buy it, it’s that great!

Beach Party – I Want To

Ooooooh, I like this alot and damn cool video.

Here’s some quick screen grab amazingness for the busy people who will open this video in a tab and check their mail in another….potentially dooming themselves to miss the sublime colour grade.


Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 1.30.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 1.30.53 PM


Yup, I’m being super thoughtful and to avoid future expectations, this will probably be a one time thing. Hugs x

CHERUB – Freaky Me, Freaky You

Okay I’ll be honest when the bass kicked in, I had to close my eyes so ‘Freaky Me, Freaky You‘ could have my whole attention.

Yup I’m that geeky 🙂

BTW… Do you remember CHERUB from 2012 ? … https://slightlysingle.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/cherub-doses-and-mimosas/

2 years later and DAMN I’m loving their new style