Hook And The Twin – We’re So Light

Summer song that’s ever so lovely and ever so inspiring!

My new musical project has it’s first rehearsal Saturday 11am. Exciting times and I’ll be singing my little heart out in just 2 days. I’ve had to stop smoking ( less stopping and more cutting down) but already I’m feeling like a better person.

If I can create anything as lovely as what I post on this blog life will be good πŸ™‚

I’ll keep you posted ❀


Had a super drunken weekend which wrecked me so hard I went off to the Doctor yesterday. Terrible news I’ve become allergic to something in beer (waiting on test results = lame)and that’s why I’ve been peaking too early lately and acting like Amy Winehouse after 2 beers.

Sad news ;( RIP beer loving Anna.

I can obviously start drinking spirits but I think I’m just going to stop drinking for awhile.

YAY for sobriety ❀



Enjoy the present i compiled for you just cause I adore you ❀
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Arrange – When'd You Find Me
Amiina – Seoul
Timber Timbre – Lonesome Hunter
Ben Howard – three-tree-town
Dark Dark Dark – Wild Go – 02 Daydreaming
Heather Woods Broderick – From The Ground
The Young Folk – Way Down South
Efterklang – I Was Playing Drums
The Dufflefolks – Homegrown
James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat
The Morning Clouds – The Wrong Things
Still Corners-Cuckoo
Gotye- somebody that i used to know -feat-kimbra
Release the sunbird – always like the son
Seabear – Summer Bird Diamond
Villagers – On A Sunlit Stage
Jeremy Warmsley – If He Breaks Your Heart acoustic version
Widowspeak – Harsh Realm

Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself

LYRICS…stolen of course πŸ™‚

Having an argument with myself down Elizabeth Street
Bumping into backpackers and
struggling with the parameters
and the basic construction of my feet

Kicking beer cans and rubbish along the concrete
Crossing the street and crossing galaxies of taxis and
backseats and drunk suites and half-Greeks

Shut up, no, you shut up!
What’s the matter, take a number, Buttercup!
Every time I hear you say “Fuck it”
I would remind you of the photo in your pocket

How long it’s been there, two years, I bet
have a sniff, it smells like a cigarette
When was the last time you smoked a cigarette?
And more importantly, who did you smoke it with?

Having an argument with myself down Victoria Street
Passing the market now, the windows neon illuminating my path to defeat
Your grinning face scaring a poor parakeet
Your happy breathing scaring the wind

So rich on Summer and so sweet

Fuck you, no, you fuck you!
You didn’t come here for nothing, did you?
I know that’s what you’ve been saying lately
But let me draw attention to a ?????

I stuck it in a little plastic envelope
and put the flower in a neon microscope
See what’s written on the petals
Look closer, that’s her intials

And now I’m walking by Bev and Mick’s backpacker hostel on Victoria Street
Where it’s reggae night tonight
And the backpackers are pouring out like a tidal wave of vomit
I have to sit down on the curbside and count the coins in my pocket

See if I have enough cash to take a taxi home
Alright, yes, can we just try to figure this out?
Can we just talk about this, please?

Nah, I don’t wanna talk to you
OK, you wanna keep fighting?
Yeah, I wanna keep on fighting
Alright, fair enough

1, 2, 3, here we go!

Having an argument with myself down Queensbury Street
The lonely light from the town hall clock tower
Chime of the bells striking
1, 2, 3

And it took shape in the form of an image in the form of a living memory
The way her shadow used to walk by your side
In a different time, in a different city

Oh please, no you oh please!
I wanna see you drop down on your knees
I wanna see your hand waving “Farewell”
Why you hittin’ yourself, why you hittin’ yourself?

Feist – How Come You Never Go There

New Feist is ever so pretty.


how come you never go there
how come I’m so alone there

how come you never go there
how come I’m so alone there
I went up to your window
lightly banging on the cymbals
a writ into the night
came storming to your house

my horse had worked the fields too long
my bear had lost its innate calm
it’s true enough for not at peace
but peace is never where the sea sees

our love is not the light it was
when I walk inside the dark I’m calm
where we look for where it went
it’s only echoes in the melody

how come you never go there
how come I’m so alone there

how come you never go there
how come I’m so alone there
we waste time on blame I wreak revenge
we used energy and foojections (?)
we live in proof, we gotta let go
and stop looking through the lay-low

we carry on as if the time missed through
you carry on as if i don’t love you
and so we find the way to lie
to cover hard I have a doubt

the room is full of eyes and empty
like your letters never sent me
words like a lasso
you’re an instrumental tune

how come you never go there
how come I’m so alone there

how come you never go there
how come I’m so alone there

Pink Jumper

So I blame my favourite comfortable jumper for having too much fun

Photographic evidence…

Off to Short film festival tonight then tomorrow it’s Givers at Hoxton Bar and Grill, Wednesday Annabel is taking my out for fun and Mark Kozelek front man of my fav Sun Kil Moon Thursday at Union Chapel.

Retiring the pink jumper til I’m back in SA πŸ™‚