5-7 :: 241 cocktails

7-9:30 :: ((( VOID )))

9:30-10:30 :: Casioheart (( ♥ ))

10:30-11:30 :: Duchess (( GIRL ))

11:30-12:30 :: Skelemton (( † ))

12:30-01:30 :: BIG SPACE ((CPT))

Duchess Eats Cake and Dj’s

Dj’ing Thursday at Bob Rocks, times are a mystery to this cake eating lady but here’s a present for you. My favourite song of the day : The Paper Kites – Woodland. It’s so pretty I thought you should be able to download it.

Feel free to like my dj page…I like you 🙂

Pink Jumper

So I blame my favourite comfortable jumper for having too much fun

Photographic evidence…

Off to Short film festival tonight then tomorrow it’s Givers at Hoxton Bar and Grill, Wednesday Annabel is taking my out for fun and Mark Kozelek front man of my fav Sun Kil Moon Thursday at Union Chapel.

Retiring the pink jumper til I’m back in SA 🙂

VHS or Beta – I Found A Reason

So I’m djing at Bob Rocks on Saturday night – 2nd of July 2011.

I’ll be playing this song and anything not folk. Although my heart beats for folk my feet dance to indie.

Come stalk me , hang out, eat ribs and drink. It’ll be the bestest!

Fanfarlo – The Walls Are Coming Down

You meet someone they’re lovely but it can never work. What to do?

Enjoy that they make you laugh and hope that one day you’ll meet someone who likes hand holding and Game of Thrones in bed while eating Andiccio pizza 🙂


Fanfarlo – The Walls Are Coming Down

They swallowed it whole, they went for the gold for the gold
We fall for the same lies, we all have the same shoes to fit
The preachers and books of your empire will fight here alone
Some day they will be forgotten and die one by one

The walls the walls are coming down, the here and now is coming round
It will some day let you down
The ships the ships are coming in, the great ideas are wearing thin
There is nothing left to do

For atoms have gone as far as atoms will go
Your books write themselves, they line up in row after row

The walls the walls are coming down, the here and now is coming round
It will some day let you down
The ships the ships are coming in, the great ideas are wearing thin
There is nothing left to do

Single life!

Ok although I enjoyed my exploration of the single life and partying every night I think it’s best to retire my party hat.

I’m so sleepy and London town in 45 days.


I might actually need a boyfriend to calm me down – lame but true.

Sleeping and eating til I leave



It’s official my body hates me! This last week has given me more bruises and aches than I know what to do with and now my head is acting like it would like to seperate from my neck. I think this is very cruel as I feed it and give it lots of diet coke.  The injustice.


Week long hangover is worth it though. I saw too many friends, had too many good times and learnt a valuable lesson about carpets.


Now to take the rest of the next month to veg and finish off my 3 documentary projects. Le sigh!

No Sex In The Champagne Room Or At Least My Room…

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with an ex and I did a little happy dance at the thought of breaking the seal on months of abstinence.

I wined him and dined with a finesse most of our previous dates had lacked and we ended up at my house.

I wasn’t leaving anything up to chance and slipped on my sexy underwear and hoped for the best.

We were kissing and I could see the goal posts in the distance when he pulled away and said ‘I think we should stop. I need to get back to where I was emotionally when we dated…It’ll be more special then’  I gasped !

I initially couldn’t even verbally respond, I just glanced around the room looking for an imaginary audience who would be as shocked as I was. I mean really, I was practically naked, ready for action and he’s says no…lets wait.

I reacted like the nice girl I am and said it was all right and when he asked to hold me I suffered in silence. He finally fell asleep and I escaped the prison of his arms, rolled into a cold spot and pondered my life.

My irritation at the turn of events was baffling, especially since a guy acting put out by me saying we should wait would result in a few choice words and a kick out the door.

When did I become the guy in the relationship? Have I watched too much Sex and The City ? What happened?

A few weeks have passed now and I’m actually pretty glad he was being a wet blanket and I wonder if a few guys feel that way… a foot stamping tantrum and you realise you’ve been saved from a potentially unsatisfying experience.

I’ve never had ex- sex and perhaps I was saved by a metrosexual.

Long live men in silk scarves x