Just when I thought I couldn’t get on any more social networks I create a FLICKR account

Be my friend or just stalk me from afar I don’t mind but check out the pictures I’ll be posting.

I bought an Olympus Trip 35 and my Flickr account will be dedicated to the pictures I take with it.

Love you lots like I love double salted licorice xxx


Had my one wisdom tooth taken out Saturday and it was a pretty horrifying experience.

The dentist said I had the worst impacted tooth he’d ever seen, it’s such a sign of how my life has been going lately that I’m alittle proud of that . Sigh!

So here’s a picture of me 2 days after the surgery.

Check me out trying to rock that swollen look.

I’m gonna try use the photo as a motivator against anymore weight gain. My cheeks are chubby already I don’t need to look like I’m storing food for the winter