Christmas Parties…

So as a newly employed staff member I went to my office’s Xmas party with some tribulation and a hint of curiosity.

I work in a two person office so I was intrigued by what the head office staff would be like.

There were 3 women at the party including myself … one was in her 40’s , the other an Essex girl with a tan that made me grateful I faint in heat…so basically I was the best of a bad bunch and the men knew it.

I was hunted like a gazelle, I took it as a compliment as it’s not often in London you get to feel  like the prettiest girl in the room.

Out of the 40 odd men at the party I immediately spotted the only guy with hair with personality and sure enough within seconds of catching eyes, we gave each other the nod.

My nod was about acknowledging we were both surrounded by people who liked Black Eyed Peas, I’m not sure what his nod was about but I felt a kinship

The night flew by with me mostly stuck between people talking about projects they’d done before I started at the company but I seem to have perfected sleeping with my eyes open.

The guy with the hair approached the bar while I was nearby and proceeded to try have eye sex with me. I felt slightly violated   even though he had great hair as A: My boss was next to me and B: His gaze was deep penetrating and I’m not an exhibitionist.

I would have liked to talk to him and see if his hair was right about him and he hated Counting Crows but the thought of making out with a guy from head office on week 2 of my new employment was alittle frightening.

I hope this isn’t a sign of a new sensible Anna…Gasp!

What will become of SlightlySingle if I keep making sensible decisions and avoiding men with good hair

Fear not New Years eve is fast approaching and since I’m surrounding myself with like minded folk music lovers at The HMV Forum I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity to misbehave 😉

Currently listening to Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul and hoping it’s not a prophecy for NYE

deadman’s bones

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