What’s In A Name?

If I walk into a room and meet a man named Chris I’m leaving either with his number or a bruised ego.

It’s a strange thing but the last 5 men i’ve been interested in have been called Chris. The question is …am I attracted to them because of their name or is it a weird coincidence in the universe that has made me lust after only Chris’s for the last year.

More importantly do men have this same problem: am I an Anna in a long line of Anna’s?

I have no idea, all i know is when a man says his name is Chris I know there’s trouble.

What is the 20-something version of a Cougar?

It’s been brought to my attention that recently all my boyfriends/boy crushes have been quite literally…boys.

I’m not talking illegal, obviously, but definitely two or three years younger than me. I’m hoping it’s a phase since I seem to be aging and they are not, as a case in point, I found out last weekend that a manchild I dated last year had lied about his age and is only now 21.

Does it make me a bad person that what upset me the most was the fact he’s stayed the same age while I have gotten a year older and a year closer to needing plastic surgery?

I shouldn’t whine since it’s a two way street and these young-ins are attracted to me but I worry I’m going to become addicted to how complimentary young men are and how refreshing it is to meet a man who isn’t hung up on his ex-girlfriend.

I did try and date a 30 year old guy but he was way too serious and made me feel like at any moment he’d drop down on one knee. I had a panic attack when I went to his house and he’d bought wine that cost over 10 quid. I broke up with him pretty soon after that.

I’m definately a commitment phobe

All this typing has made me ponder my future love life – can you be a commitment phobe while looking for love or is that like being a marine biologist and afraid of the ocean.

I likeem new. Not like you’