Idiosyncrasies…with a side of fries

My (ex) boyfriend once said what he loved most about me was my idiosyncrasies. I was hoping he liked my ass but alas I’ll take what I can get. So obviously that relationship didn’t last and now I’ve got all these idiosyncrasies that aren’t actually that lovable unless you’re into Liz Lemon.


Some of my idiosyncrasies that I’m willing to talk about in public are:

* Irrational fear of Adult Cot Death – Not common but I’m so scared I set an alarm even if I’m trying to sleep in (like that will help)

* I can’t sleep with mirrors facing me- too many Japanese horror films and some feng shui thrown in

* Love of all things panda and other black and white mammals such as badgers and killer whales.

Panda Lover

* Irrational fear of sharks coupled with a complete fascination of how cool they are.

* Inability to travel to Thailand for fear of tsunami’s

* Obsession with Buddy Holly and all men who vaguely look like him

* I fondle diet coke cans daily searching for the coldest one in the fridge

* Dislike of overly long tongues

These are the ones I can think of on the spot which is not a good sign because it’s the ones you don’t know about which are usually the weirdest.

God help the next poor bastard who tries to date me.

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