Too Cool For School?

I’m not cool but I’m definately not uncool so when I went out to a party Saturday night I was alittle hurt and shocked by the party goers haughty attitude towards me.

I felt like someone had written ‘loser ‘on my forehead while i wasn’t looking. I checked …I was a little shiny but my forehead was ‘loser’ free.

It was such a high school situation and I reacted the way I did then and turned tail and ran away (literally).

As much as I’d like to say how horrible these people are I can’t , they seem lovely and its not their fault they don’t like me but it does bring up an issue I thought I’d gotten over .

I want everyone to like me.

Did you order the optimism with a side of Narcissism? I did and maybe a few other ‘isms.

I  know not everyone is going to like me just as I know there are people I don’t like for no tangible reason but Saturday was horrible and it cut deeper than when ”My So Called Life’ got cancelled.

Now I have to decide whether to kill these people with kindness next time I see them out -which I will as the indie scene is surprising small in London- or just pretend I’ve never met them which is pretty much what they do when I see them out when my inter group friend isn’t around.

I’m not sure how many times you should be introduced to someone with them not remembering your name before it becomes rude.

I’m too sensitive and wish I’d grow out of it which seems unlikely given how badly I cross roads so I’m just going to have to learn to like the fact I do want everyone to like me, because you should learn to like the things about yourself you can not change.