One Night Stand Anyone?

In the hopes of not sounding like a two dollar hooker when I write this blog, I need you to remember we’ve all had them, most of us hated them but a lucky few have met their soulmate through them.

The legendary one night stand (ONS).

Personally I’ve never had any success from the process and I’m not sure if this is to do with fleeing the scene of the crime or perhaps I just don’t test well. When I have ‘auditioned’ I found  myself longing to leave money on the dresser for a laugh but being the cheap bastard I am, the most I’ve ever left is a business card some guy gave me with ‘call me’ written on it. I like to think Mr ONS  spent some time thinking back to our encounter desperately trying to remember if he had sex with a man.

I can’t see how you can drunkenly hook up with someone and then form a meaningful relationship but then again a random drunken snog at a bar usually leads to love or at least a facebook relationship update.

Perhaps the world is getting sluttier and sex with strangers will become like a nice firm handshake.

No Glove No Love 

‘It’s not a one night stand, it’s an audition’



3 thoughts on “One Night Stand Anyone?

  1. One night stands bother me in many ways – the first few times are fumbly and confusing, if passionate and exciting. The actual sex takes a few hours to get really good – which an ONS doesn’t really seem to warrant that easily.


    I’m with you on the glove, though. 🙂

  2. Oh the infamous ONS. I have had my fair share of what I planned to be a ONS and ended up being the ONS’s that never ended. Yet we never connected in the “real world.” Only at night when all we had left for options were each other. Or maybe we were just too lazy to chat and persuade someone else that we were great in bed. So, I guess out of laziness! I had my entire day to myself and then at night…bootie call.

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