Guys With Girlfriends Never Seem To Remember That…

I’m single…yes I know it’s hard to believe… yes I know the name of this blog is misleading (slightlysingle) and lets not forget how amazing of a catch i am but it is true.

I’ve been single for on and off 4 years and LOVE it  and even though I get sad when Liz Lemon in 30 Rock can get a boyfriend and I can’t, in general  I’m pretty darn happy. 

What has been getting me down lately is how many guys try it on with me and they have girlfriends. Sometimes I know they have girlfriends (REGRET REGRET!) but almost all of the time I’m blissfully unaware of the girl waiting at home sorting their socks. 

I’ve meet too many guys who have ‘girlfriend omission syndrome’, by conveniently forgetting to mention their  girlfriend they think that means they don’t exist until they phone or text them. When caught out guys suffering from this syndrome have been know to use the excuse ‘I forgot to mention it’…now the question burning in my mind is, was it your tongue down my throat that made you forget?

I recommend to forgetful men that when in doubt of their relationship status Facebook is helpful .

I’ve had a guy I’ve kissed adding me as a friend and sending me flirty mails only for me to check their status is ‘in a relationship’. Even worse Facebook suggested I become friends with his girlfriend.

No Facebook I would NOT like to be friends with a girl whose boyfriend gave me a raw chin from beard burn.


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