Who me?



Drunk Is As Drunk Does

Drunk Is As Drunk Does


I lost my mind this weekend, well at least four hours of the cache of my mind.


Sunday night! I should have stayed home and watched The Wire. REGRET! REGRET!

I remember drinking vodka and diet coke and getting slightly drunk. I remember drinking shots of tequila

Evidence of Tequila Drinking

Evidence of Tequila Drinking


then I remember  everyone deciding to go home around 1am.

Luckily I took over 500 photos on someone else’s camera to document my descent into madness. Heres hoping the photos never surface.

The only thing I like about losing time is I’m less embarassed than I know I should be.

I hate getting too drunk I’m painfully aware of how irritating I can be while sober so adding heavy drinking into the mix is a crime against my friends.

I’m going to seek comfort in cupcakes til the next embarassing incident. I’m thinking I’ll be ready by Thursday night.

Currently listening to Wintersleep- Weighty Ghost …wishing I knew where my body went


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